The 31st Annual Tallahassee International Juried Competition
Oct 2

The 31st Annual Tallahassee International Juried Competition

  • Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

The FSU Museum of Fine Arts’ Tallahassee International is a juried competition open to artists 18+ in the US and worldwide, with all media eligible for consideration. First prize is $1,000, second prize is $500. A color catalog is produced and in most cases return shipping, within the US, is provided. The entry fee is $20 for 2 works. Only one entry per person. The exhibition is currently scheduled for August 29-October 2, 2016.

Divinity, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 108", 2015 from GNH was selected and will be presented in the exhibition with the other chosen works.

Zen Dot Energy
Nov 23

Zen Dot Energy

  • FRG Objects & Design / Art

In 1999 an extended art meditation brought on an intuitive transformation and a reflection of India's tantric traditions of circles and chakras, which eventually led to the completion of the Zen Dot Energy series in 2004. 

"The Zen Dot paintings have their sources in my own life experiences, including my connection to the art of ancient cultures and my personal path of spiritual self-discovery. It is my belief that while we mostly live in our conscious thoughts, we remain largely unaware of the depths of the unconscious and the spiritual dimension of our own being. These paintings are a way to access a sense of that deeper level of our inner selves." - Merrill Steiger