Minutes 9/12

- breakdown of approach: we design a unified front of materials to present to a hotel chain art rep - they buy a package tailored to their hotel in question that is broken down into lithographs, originals, textiles, and other accessories. we focus on keeping the overall design of the finished product unified and yet unique - not repetitive

- roles: Tony is the front and the connecting link to the hotels / client. Ella is the working bee who helps arrange affairs behind the scenes and logistics, such as keeping track of and ordering necessary materials, while Merrill continues to produce work, conscious of the endeavor and perhaps, down the line, with an assembly line of assistants to make large flights of works in stages

- objectives

    - compile working list of works that we agree should be included in the commercial portfolio we plan to present the client (layout different working series across whole body of work, catalog and make available and malleable visually and formally, decide on lithograph sample to present to client, decide on sizing and lithograph specifications, decide on accessory or textile intended works, exclude original works that have sentimental or personal value)

    - synthesize the material needed to bring to the meeting (tri folds, catalogs, physical portfolios, samples, powerpoint, iPad presentation etc)

     - find and test out lithographers that meet the criteria as follows: professional and productive enough to produce editions of 50 under commission basis while also remaining attentive to craft and detail i.e. not mindless reproductions while staying within a reasonable price range to ensure profit on the final sale

    - find printers to do digital and offset printing for leave-behinds in meetings

    - find textile fabricators for custom designs and rugs or tapestries or pillows etc     

    - streamline the database of images and information to support the entity

    - decide on and finalize the entity itself and set up necessary financial structure

    - adapt website or build sister site to represent entity, as well as design that portal

    - ella to continue research into hospitality (and corporate and private) art advisors as a complimentary endeavor to the entity

    - set up stock image account for ip reasons when constructing hotel room / space simulations —> design series of images to represent the products


Minutes 9/29

Topics to Discuss: 


         - size, number of editions, paper type, Lithograph type (offset etc), design (us or the lithographer or together)

         - which images to use as samples for presentation

Rugs / Textiles 

         - what type of rug: handwoven flat weave, kilims, hand tufted wool or silk, Tibetan hand knotted (some types might work better for different series design adaptations)

        - pattern based or unique full design adaptation? 

        - set sizes or swatches of patterns so that they can request custom sizes?

        - woven textile or digital print? pattern based or unique full design? 

        - present textile or actual pillow products? do we sell the fabric or the final product?





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