Steiger Art | Curated Series

These six series have been carefully curated from Merrill Steiger's complete - and continually growing - body of work. Each series is comprised of paintings that can be purchased as lithographs and original acrylic on premium stretched canvas works. These series exist to serve and guide hospitality representatives in the curation of their own unique aesthetic and fine art collection. 

Lithographs available in sizes 22"x30" up to 42"x60"

Priced according to size and quantity 

Series 1   |   Zen Dot: Energy 

In Steiger’s Zen Dot: Energy series, dots, circles, and chakras, the seven spiritual power centers of the human body in the ancient Indian tradition, create fields of vibrating energy. The chakras reveal a unity between human existence and the structure of the universe. 

Series 2 |   GNH

The GNH – Gross National Happiness – series grew out of Steiger’s extensive traveling to countries like Bhutan that are spiritual by nature, with the majestic Himalayas as its backdrop and prayer flags dotting the countryside. The bright and saturated palette expresses an aura of positivity and joy.

Series 3 |   Zen Dot: Color Therapy

In the Zen Dot: Color Therapy series, the obsessive detailing of these paintings emanates an electric energy that is universally understood and can be felt across cultural boundaries. The use of pointillism, scale shift, and color harmony lends a sense of hallucinatory vibration.

Series 4 |   Sci-Fi

The Sci-Fi series, Steiger’s most recent and first ever monochromatic compositions, continues her interest in the use of dotting as a meditative technique to evoke movement and energy. The work expresses the ever-evolving interconnectedness of the universe and the progression of human consciousness.

Series 5 |   Zen Dot: Sacred Visions

The Zen Dot: Sacred Visions series exemplifies Steiger’s interests in ancient imagery and dotting techniques. Earth-tone color palettes and subtle illusions of movement join together to deliver an aura of calm and liberating mediation. 

Series 6 |   Aerials

Based on aerial photography, the Aerials series interprets the factual world in abstract scapes imbued with versatility in their lack of orientation. Steiger invokes a broad change of consciousness by blurring the lines between familiar and unfamiliar in these naturalistic studies of perspective.