Where to Find Open Calls for Art

The following is a brief list of the online resources I browse for open calls for art. These websites include listings for solo and group show exhibitions, artist residencies, art festivals, internships, and many other opportunities. Oftentimes there will be overlaps with the same listing appearing on multiple sites. In general, persistence is key. Always keep checking to see what new opportunities are available and utilize all that that the internet has to offer. 

The following is a list of the websites in the order that I regularly visit them: 

Art Deadline - www.artdeadline.com
Art Deadline is the standard go-to for open calls for art. Their website states that they “receive and publish more opportunities and event listings per day than any other service.” Once a subscription service, now you can freely browse its list of competitions, portfolio submissions, festivals, residencies, and more. The site began implementing an improved interface with colored labels and an easier way to filter out unwanted listings, along with a geographical search. Although there is no log-in required, there is an option for a premium subscription with various features including networking and promotional opportunities. 

NYFA - New York Foundation for the Arts - www.nyfa.org
Another organization that consistently has a varied list of great opportunities is the New York Foundation for the Arts. There is no log-in required to browse the listings, and there are new updates every weekday. Obviously there is a focus on New York, but there are national and international calls posted sporadically as well. Listings can also be sorted by date, location, and type. 

CaFÉ - www.CallForEntry.org
CaFÉ, short for Call for Entry, is another free database with a large selection of opportunities to send your art. The website is run by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), so you can expect a lot of listings for galleries and museums in California, Arizona, and so on. There is also an abundance of calls for public art. 

A benefit about CaFÉ is that it makes submitting to an open call a breeze once you have your profile and portfolio set up. You can upload up to 100 images that you then label and select for exhibition. Up to 6 audio and video files can be uploaded as well. All submittal fees are also taken care of within the website. 

Entrythingy - www.entrythingy.com
Entrythingy is not the best website for searching for open calls. Although it does have a database that you can scroll through, the interface is a bit crowded with text, and the types of calls are only broken down into two categories - “Festivals and Fairs” and “Museums, Galleries, Art Centers, and Clubs.” 
Oftentimes you will end up on this website though as a link from other places like NYFA or Art Deadline, as institutions will us it as the platform for submission. It has a similar system to CaFÉ where you can upload artworks for later use, and entry fees are built into the application process. 

Honorable Mentions: The Art List, The Art Guide