Unique and artist-owned, we are an Art for Hospitality Program that constructs

tailor-made and ready-to-hang collections directly from the studio.

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These days, hotel guests expect certain levels of style, relevance, and ambiance from a hotel. Guests want more than just a place to stay - they want immersive social, cultural and visual encounters that transport them to a higher state of mind and wellbeing.

Steiger Art is an art for hospitality program at the forefront of the demand among hotel guests for authentic and compelling experiences and environments when they travel. The program provides curated collection of original paintings, lithographs, and fine art reproductions as a unique way to introduce contemporary and cohesive art into the personality of a hotel.

The program includes a number of carefully selected series from artist Merrill Steiger's vast collection of original works. Each series reflects a unique aura, energy, and aesthetic. Combining diverse palettes, imagery, and techniques, Steiger’s work is both contemporary and timeless, lending itself to be both accessible and engaging to all audiences.

Our fine art for hospitality program provides high value, contemporary relevance, and stirring ambiance to hotels at a competitive price. Through a malleable and transparent pricing model and wide range of fine art products, we tailor a unique selection of works to enhance the quality of the hotel guest’s experience. 

The world of form and color and movement she envisions may be bigger in essence than the world itself, but it is precisely the size of our minds.
— Peter Frank, Art Critic

Meet the Artist  | Merrill Steiger

Merrill Steiger’s many passions such as travel, spiritual practice, and collage composition are reflected in the themes she explores in her large scale acrylic paintings. Steiger begins her artistic process by interpreting the world around her through drawings and collage studies, which are then translated to canvas. The results of her investigations carry an aura of meditative energy and tap into channels of spiritual, theoretical and conceptual thought.  

Merrill Steiger is a mid-career artist living and working in New York City and Woodstock. Steiger’s considerable body of work has been exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions at museums, university galleries, art fairs, in private collections and galleries nationwide. 


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