Unique and artist-owned, we are an Art for Hospitality Program that constructs tailor-made and ready-to-hang collections directly from the studio.


About the Steiger Art Program

These days, hotel guests expect certain levels of style, relevance, and ambiance from a hotel. Guests want more than just a place to stay - they want immersive social, cultural and visual encounters that transport them to a higher state of mind and wellbeing.

Steiger Art is an art for hospitality program at the forefront of the demand among hotel guests for authentic and compelling experiences and environments when they travel. The program provides curated collection of original paintings, lithographs, and fine art reproductions as a unique way to introduce contemporary and cohesive art into the personality of a hotel.


The program includes a number of carefully selected series from artist Merrill Steiger's vast collection of original works. Each series reflects a unique aura, energy, and aesthetic. Combining diverse palettes, imagery, and techniques, Steiger’s work is both contemporary and timeless, lending itself to be both accessible and engaging to all audiences.

Our fine art for hospitality program provides high value, contemporary relevance, and stirring ambiance to hotels at a competitive price. Through a malleable and transparent pricing model and wide range of fine art products, we tailor a unique selection of works to enhance the quality of the hotel guest’s experience. 

Hotels, especially hotel owners, recognise that they have been spending a decent amount on art for many years without it doing anything special for their property. They’ve realised that the money could be used not only to tell an interesting narrative about their properties but also to make them more memorable.
The Financial Times
As hotels work harder to distinguish themselves in the age of Airbnb, many have focused on using local art to give their decor a one-of-a-kind look.
The New York Times
final environment-32.jpg
Seeking to appeal to guests’ desire for new experiences and stand out in a competitive market, hotel brand managers are mining their local art communities for everything from inspiration to installations... It’s all part of the same movement to help the guest experience something new.
The New York Times
Responding to guests’ desire to have their lodgings project an image of who they are or aspire to be, hotels are taking their artistic endeavors more seriously, industry analysts say, using art to build an identity rather than just to make it look good.
The New York Times

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