Steiger Art LLC


Merrill Steiger’s many passions such as travel, spiritual practice, and collage composition are reflected in the themes she explores in her large scale acrylic paintings. Steiger begins her artistic process by interpreting the world around her through drawings and collage studies, which are then translated to canvas. The results of her investigations carry an aura of meditative energy and tap into channels of spiritual, theoretical and conceptual thought. 

Merrill Steiger has the awareness and skill to bring the viewer into contact with a range of different experiences ranging from the serious and the serene to the boisterously playful and transcendent. Any way you take it (or find it) Merrill Steiger’s strongly pulsating imagery stems from this artist’s radical involvement with the parameters of wonder and of exploration itself.
— D.F. Colman

Merrill Steiger is a mid-career artist living and working in New York City and Woodstock. Steiger's considerable body of work has been exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions at museums, university galleries, art fairs, in private collections and galleries nationwide. 




Steiger Art LLC is the commercial extension of Merrill Steiger's artistic career into the wider world of interior design. We strive to deliver a fresh perspective on interior and artistic design in hospitality markets by providing an original package of products based off of original paintings from Steiger's career as a contemporary artist. With hand-tailored packages of limited edition lithographs, originals works, textiles and more, we hope to re-envision the way hotels offer a unique and cohesive experience to their patrons. 

Merrill Steiger, a painter based in New York City and Woodstock, has created a vast body of work that stretches over 40 years and counting. Her works exemplify her innate sense of design and composition while remaining relevant in the contemporary art sphere. Most notably, Steiger's paintings have the unique characteristic of malleability across different realms of artistic practice, namely interior design. It is our goal to extend her practice further into this realm while offering hotels the opportunity to present a truly artistic and signature design from the lobby to the rooms. 

Chosen Paintings